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'Calamity Mod' mod card

Calamity Mod


The Calamity Mod is a vast content mod that creates a new and refreshing experience for Terraria!

With this mod comes a slew of new bosses, unique and challenging difficulty modes, over a thousand new items, new NPCs, and entire new biomes to explore! Calamity also massively expands the endgame of Terraria, creating an entirely original, intense experience for players to enjoy.

The mod additionally tweaks tons of vanilla features whilst adding new ones to aid the player's experience and heavily expand on the base game, including but not limited to:

Reworked reforging with the Goblin Tinkerer
Reworked gameplay progression in early Hardmode
Dozens of extra crafting recipes for existing vanilla items
Dozens more quality of life and balance changes!

Please note that this mod does NOT include Calamity's soundtrack! You will need to download the music mod for the full intended experience!

Be sure to join our Discord server linked above to keep up with the latest news about upcoming updates and features.


A more detailed breakdown of the content available in Calamity:

27 bosses and 12 minibosses
100+ enemies
5 town NPCs
5 biomes and many new structures
1 event
1 new playable class (based on Throwing from Terraria 1.3)
1800+ items
700+ weapons
100+ blocks
200+ pieces of furniture
11 ores
2 full difficulty settings above Expert, separate from Master
50+ changes to vanilla mechanics
30+ new recipes for vanilla items
450+ tweaks and improvements to vanilla items
Cross-mod support for the Thorium Mod

tModLoader said:Developed By Fabsol and the Dev Team

'Recipe Browser' mod card

Recipe Browser

Recipe Browser is an indispensable mod for any player. It provides a service to the user that the Guide could only dream of providing. With Recipe Browser, you have access to powerful tools to help you plan out what items you want to craft. You'll be able to quickly find items that you can craft with the items in your possession, even if it takes several intermediate crafting steps.

To use, first you need to assign some hotkeys. Make sure to go into the Keybindings menu and assign hotkeys. The "Toggle Recipe Browser" hotkey is necessary, the other 2 are useful but somewhat optional. The "Query Hovered Item" hotkey streamlines checking recipes and the "Toggle Favorited Recipes Window" is useful when using the favorited recipes feature.

The main window consists of several tabs. You can click on the tabs to visit each tool. You can resize the window as well. The Help tab explains each tool in greater detail, be sure to check it out.

This tool allows you to quickly explore all recipes in the game. You can place an item in the query slot to find recipes using or resulting in that item. You can also search and filter with the various options in the window to discover recipes you'd like to work towards. Crafting stations and recipe conditions for a selected recipe are listed at the bottom. The color will be red or green showing if the player is near one or not. The right side will show any NPC that drops the selected item. Double Click on an NPC to visit the Bestiary. Double Clicking on a Recipe or Ingredient will populate the query slot with the item, great for traversing crafting trees for items with multiple levels of crafting. Alt-click on a recipe to favorite a recipe, see Favorite section below.

This tool can be used to craft recipes, even recipes that require multiple steps to achieve! In the Recipes tool, right click on any recipe to bring up this tool. Recipes with the yellow background can be crafted via multiple steps. For example, if you have gold and iron ore and click on the Gold Watch recipe, this tool will show you the multiple steps needed to craft gold and iron ore, followed by crafting chains, and finally the gold watch itself. You can also enable the Loot option to allow farming as part of the multi-step process. Simply find and kill the specified enemies to farm the needed ingredient. By default, all crafting stations that you have seen will be available for the extended crafting paths. If you enable the Missing Stations option, unseen crafting stations will also be shown. See the Help tab for more information on this tool.

Here you can explore all items in the game. Use the filters and sorts to find what you want. Double click an item to query it in the Recipe panel. Double right click an item to query the item in the Bestiary.

Here you can explore all NPC in the game. Use the filters to find what you want. Clicking on an NPC shows the loot from that NPC. Placing an item in the query slot filters the grid to show only NPC that drop that item. Double click an item to query it in the Recipe panel. Right click an item to populate the query slot, great for seeing who else drops the same item.

In the Recipe panel, you can favorite recipes by alt-clicking on the recipe. If you have favorited recipes, the favorites panel will appear on screen. This panel will help you track progress towards collecting all ingredients. In multiplayer, recipes favorited by other players will also appear in the favorites panel. You can track the progress of other players and cooperate efficiently.

By assigning a hotkey in the keybindings menu, you can use this feature to quickly bring the item into one of the tools. You can use it anytime you are hovering over any item anywhere in the game.

There are powerful sorting and filtering options. You can search for specific weapon types, find the most powerful pickaxe you can craft, and more. See the Help tab for more information.

The Armor Set category lets you view armor sets. Plan out which armor set you want to work towards that fits your playstyle!

There are many more features in Recipe Browser, see the Help tab to read and learn more about the features of this mod.

Source code hosted on , collaboration welcome

For questions or suggestions, come to my Discord:

Bug reports in the comments here will not be seen, come to Discord or Github to report issues.

If you'd like to support my mods, I have a Patreon

tModLoader said:Developed By jopojelly

'Boss Checklist' mod card

Boss Checklist

Bug reports in the workshop comments here will likely not be seen, come to our Discord or Github to report issues.

Boss Checklist lets you view a checklist of all available bosses while playing so you can progress through them as you defeat them. Toggle the checklist with the hotkey assigned to it in the settings. Visit 'Settings->Controls->Keybindings' to check or set the current hotkey. If you would like a mod to be supported, please encourage the modder to add support to this mod.

The Boss Log is an enhancement of the traditional boss checklist and comes with many configurable features and customizations. Each entry on the checklist will have its own dedicated page with more information about the boss, including which mod it comes from, spawn information, spawn item crafting, loot table checklist and collectible item checklist. Modders are able to register their boss content to the log using Mod calls.

There are other optional features included as well, which can enhance boss fight gameplay. Features include:

Boss Log Records, including boss fight duration and hits taken

Boss despawn messages displayed in chat

Boss radar for bosses that are off-screen

Specific boss loot appears on the fullscreen map and mini-map

Learn how to register your boss content and more using the

Source code hosted on , collaboration welcome.

For questions or suggestions, come to my Discord:

Check out .

Check out .

tModLoader said:Developed By SheepishShepherd, jopojelly

'Calamity Mod Music' mod card

Calamity Mod Music

This mod adds the Calamity soundtrack and music boxes for each song on the soundtrack. It is intended to be used alongside the Calamity Mod, but can be used alone. You will need to cheat in the music boxes if you do not use the Calamity Mod.

For Calamity game content, e.g. items and bosses, subscribe to the main mod:


Full list of tracks:

DM DOKURO - The Tale of a Cruel World
DM DOKURO - sanctuary
Heart Plus Up! - Engineer's Sanctum
DM DOKURO - wasteland
Heart Plus Up! - caustic tides
DM DOKURO - The Step Below Hell
DM DOKURO - Guardian of the Former Seas
RoverdriveX - corrosion!
DM DOKURO - Infestation
DM DOKURO ft. SixteenInMono - Blood Coagulant
DM DOKURO ft. SixteenInMono - The Filthy Mind
DM DOKURO - Hadopelagic Pressure
DM DOKURO ft. SixteenInMono - Return to Slime
DM DOKURO - The Heaven-Sent Abomination
DM DOKURO - Treasures Within the Abomination
DM DOKURO - Antarctic Reinforcement
DM DOKURO - Outcast of the Sulphurous Seas
DM DOKURO - Left Alone
DM DOKURO - Raw, Unfiltered Calamity
RoverdriveX - R'LYEH
DM DOKURO - The Leviathan Trilogy (split into three songs)
DM DOKURO - Interstellar Stomper
DM DOKURO - Fly of Beelzebub
DM DOKURO - Open Frenzy
DM DOKURO - Pest of the Cosmos
DM DOKURO - Unholy Ambush
DM DOKURO - Murderswarm
DM DOKURO - Unholy Insurgency
DM DOKURO - Servants of the Scourge (split into three songs)
DM DOKURO - Feral Amalgamation
DM DOKURO - void
PinpinNeon - nuclear monsoon
DM DOKURO - Toxic Wisdom
DM DOKURO - Scourge of the Universe
DM DOKURO - Universal Collapse
DM DOKURO - Infernal Catharsis
DM DOKURO - Infernal Catharsis (Rebirth)
DM DOKURO - Roar of the Jungle Dragon
PinpinNeon - Inferior Fabrications
DM DOKURO - Stained, Brutal Calamity (split into four songs)
DM DOKURO - Threats of the Ocean Floor
CDMusic - Ensemble of Fools
CDMusic - Onslaught of Beasts
CDMusic - Reign of Lords

tModLoader said:Developed By Fabsol and the Dev Team

'Magic Storage' mod card

Magic Storage

Are you tired of having a mess of chests in your base? Never remember where you put your items, and have to run across your entire house to get from chest to chest? This mod will solve all of your problems!

This mod offers a solution to storage problems once and for all. It allows you to construct a central network to store all your items, that you can access from one single block. If desired, you can even set up multiple access points to use your storage from anywhere in the world. You can search your storage for items with a certain name, filter by item types, etc. The magic storage can even craft items for you!

The magic storage scales as you progress in your playthrough. It is accessible very early in the game, but with limited power. As you defeat bosses and earn more materials, you will be able to upgrade your storage to perform more functions and more easily expand the storage capacity.

Are you unable to keep track of the dozens of crafting stations in your base? This mod will help you to keep track of all of them with its Combined Crafting Stations! The Combined Crafting Stations combine the functionality of several crafting stations into each tier, with the next tier having all of the previous tiers' crafting stations.

Please report bugs/issues to this mod's Discord server

The 1.4 version of Magic Storage merges the Magic Storage and Magic Storage - Extra mods from 1.3 tModLoader

Want to support the mod's development? Donate to absoluteAquarian's Patreon


- Mod Author


- Official maintainer for Magic Storage


- Responsible for important fixes that were integrated into Magic Storage - Extra


- Developer for Magic Storage - Extra


- Created most of the sprites used in the mod


- Created bug fixes and optimizations for the mod during absoluteAquarian's hiatus from 20Oct2021-15Dec2021

tModLoader said:Developed By The Magic Storage Team

'Ore Excavator (1.4.3/1.4.4 Veinminer)' mod card

Ore Excavator (1.4.3/1.4.4 Veinminer)

Welcome to Ore Excavator! - Last Updated Nov. 21st, 2023

Found an issue? Join our Discord and help report it:

Ore Excavator has become the offical 1.4 port of VeinMiner, with VeinMiner being discontinued, and merged into Ore Excavator with permission.

Just like with Minecraft's Ore Excavation, Ore Excavator aims to improve, expand, and adapt with the future of the modding community for the ultimate quality of life experience. Ore Excavator allows you to effortlessly mine groups of ores, walls, and perform many other tile manipulation features effortlessly at once, with plenty more to come before 1.0!

Credit to NanobotZ for the base code and the original concept!

Chain-mine adjacent tiles/walls from a single block
Chain-swap adjacent tiles/walls from a single block
Chain-place platforms, ropes, tracks, planters, and more
Optional ore multiplier!
Configurable whitelist & blacklist with block picker controls in-game
Fully configurable client controls and keybindings
Fully configurable client settings to tailor to dynamic performance needs
Fully threaded support
Mod.Call API for modders
Autoswing compatible
Progression friendly
Excavations require mana option (for balanced play)
Powerful server management configurations
Full multiplayer support
Full modded compatibility support

This is intended for early access users wishing to play on 1.4, and is likely to be broken several times!

I will do my best to ensure that the mod stays for compatible and issue updates as needed, especially for multiplayer.

Due to the nature of the mod, bugs involving deleting massive amounts of blocks, walls, and similar issues are to be expected.
Please report any issues -no matter how small- to me on the tModloader Discord (@CrazyContraption#0666), or our Discord server!

It helps us deduce how common the issue is, and to better gather data on who, and how it happens.

We're also open to suggestions and feedback!

Q:"Why doesn't the mod work?"
A:Common issues include: Not having the mod enabled (enable it); Not having an excavation keybind set (set it in your controls); having a corrupt version of the mod (redownload it).

Q:"How do I use the mod?"
A:By default, holding tilde ( ` ) with any pick/hammer will excavate the corresponding elements they target. The key must be set in the controls first! Additional settings and keybinds are available in the mod's configurations, take a peek!

Q:"Is this VeinMiner for 1.4?"
A:Technically, yes it is! I have been given permission and the original source code to adapt and expand the mod for Terraria 1.4.

Q:"Why is the name different?"
A:The original author and I have agreed that 1.3 Terraria and earlier will be known for VeinMiner, and Ore Excavator will earn its name in 1.4, building off of the existing community and support.

Q:"Is this mod open source?"
A:At this time, due to the mix of licensed code and the daily reworks, we've decided to keep the mod and its content private. However, in the future we plan to open source it once we feel the mod is complete, and we want the community to take over keeping it alive!

Q:"What's happening to VeinMiner?"
A:Nothing! 1.3 VeinMiner will remain as it always was, and we're simply upgrading it, and renaming it for 1.4 Terraria. The old name is still reserved however - so no funny ideas!

Q:"Does this work in multiplayer?"
A:Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a huge priority for us, and we plan on implementing a full permissions system and expanding on the original multiplayer complexity of VeinMiner.

Q:"Does this work with modded content?"
A:Yes! But also no... we don't know. Every mod is different and unique, however most modded tiles, tools, and walls should work seamlessly without issue! Please let us know if you encounter any major issues, and we'll be sure to add some failsafes to include them forcefully!

Q:"Do you have an API?"
A:Yes! as of v0.8.0, we have an API your mods can access when loaded together. Visit our Discord for more information.

Fixing duplication exploits
Fixing server desync issues
Highlight Blocks/Walls That Will be Excavated Before Excavation
Secret content addition??? ;)
Excavation Restricted to New Modifiers Toggle (for balanced play)

~ Fixed an issue with modded ores not being mineable.
+ Updated to 1.4.4 compatibility.

~ Fixed some more 1.4.4+ issues.
+ Updated for increased compatibility of new tML versions.
+ Added better host detection for server config updating.
+ Added a submitted version of (Simplified) Chinese from a @mochen5530 on Discord. Thanks!
+ Fixed some underlying duplication exploits.
- Removed some redundant code, and moved it to reflections of existing tML or vanilla versions for maintainability.

~ Fixed a few outlying 1.4.3 issues, and we're working on more as reports of 1.4.4 issues roll in.
+ Updated to 1.4.4 compatibility.

~ Refactored some core code to no longer trip on crashes from other mods. Mods will now correctly be faulted for crashes they cause. Not OE!

~ Reworked whitelist naming conventions for modded entries (to save space). An auto-transfer tool was implemented to carry your existing lists over - but it might not work. Your white/blacklists might break!
~ Updated client configs to have all options above the long whitelist sections. People weren't scrolling!
+ Added an ore multiplier setting to the world configs. Grinding begone!
+ Reworked the auto-whitelist runner, it now caches data between mod updates instead of running each reload, and more - cutting off loading times by ~90%.
+ Added Calamity auto-whitelist support, with tiles like Sea Prisms.
* Fixed an issue with mana costs being affected by negative mana values. Invalid mana setups are now exempt from checks.
- Removed unbound keybind tooltips from irrelevant items. Oops!

~ Ajusted the language of some areas of the mod.
+ Added a few extra tooltip and error messages to the mod.
+ The mod now respects player research, and will not consume fully researched items.
* Fixed an issue where item tooltips would no longer show up. - Thanks @ba'alcipher#1544
* Fixed an issue where dirt could not be used for swapping. - Thanks @AncientAlphaWarrior#2950
- Blacklisted Sandstone tiles by default.

See all changelogs here:

Found an issue? Join our Discord and help report it:

@xphrogx said:"x is the best keybind 💀"

Looking for something simpler but equally powerful?
Aitherix said: (BAM) is a simple, lightweight veinminer alternative.

Created by , they take a more straightforward approach for those looking for something easier to grasp and less... feature overloaded.
tModLoader said:Developed By CrazyContraption

'AlchemistNPC Lite' mod card

AlchemistNPC Lite

This mod adds 7 NPCs (Alchemist, Brewer, Jeweler, Young Brewer, Operator, Architect and Musician), who sell potions, materials and some other stuff.

New combinations of potions are sold by the Young Brewer.

The spawn condition for the Alchemist, the Jeweler & the Brewer is to kill the Eye of Ctulhu.

The Young Brewer spawns while both the Alchemist & the Brewer are in the world in Hardmode.

The spawn condition for the Operator is to beat EoW/BoC.

The Architect will come if you have at least 3 NPC.

The Musician will come if you defeat Skeletron.

Mod's Discord:


-Wood is now sold in filler shop of Architect, added Bamboo and Ash Wood.

-Changed selling conditions for Life Crystals and Life Fruits,

-Fixed Calamity mod interaction with combinations defense bonuses.

-Updated chinese localization by mochen5530

-Resprites for Bewitching, Blurring, Ninja, Perfect Discord, Summoner and Fishing combinations by GoldYosh


-Summoner, Universal combinations and Ultima Cake now contains War Table buff for sentries count (non-cumulative).

-Calamity combination is now available at the start of hardmode.

-Heart and Star statues are now available in Jeweler's arena shop at the start of hardmode.

-World Warpers no longer have buggy interaction with pylons.

-World Warper code optimization.


-Added War Table to Jeweler's arena shop. Available after beating T1 of Old One's Army.

-Added resprites for Horrying Skull, Dopamine, Beach, Temple, Jungle, Dungeon Teleporter, Greater Dangersense, Sunshine, Titan Skin, Invincibility, Traps, Underworld Teleporter, Fortitude and Excavation potions by GoldYosh and thyreo.

-Spooky Wood/light sources are now available in Architect's shops only after beating Pumpking.

-With Calamity mod, combinations with Ironskin potion now giving bonus defense according to progression.

-Fixed an issue with overusing buff potions from piggy bank using Alchemist Charm t2+ upon reaching over 22 buffs.

-Fixed Fishing Combination recipe.

-Fixed Spirit Combination being sold.


-Added more Thorium, Mod of Redemption support to shops (thanks to Rockman Zeta).

-Added support for Shards of Atheria mod in code, currently commented due to incompatibility.

-Added Excavation potion. Gives better mining capabilities.

Drops from Undead Miners, can be crafted, available in Brewer's 2nd shop after beating EoC/BoC.

-Completed Musician's shops. Supports Calamity and Thorium mods.

-Now Greater Dangersense potion ignores Moon Lord's projectiles.

Still could be wise not to use it against bosses with clearly visible projectiles.

-Fixed a few typos related to selling Souls of Fright and Might, Modified World Warper, dupes of some treasure bags, other problems with shops.

-Fixed GlobalNPC code related to shops (discounts and price modifiers/config conditions should work correctly now).

-Fixed normal World Warper working from Void Bag.

-Fixed some weapons getting Legendary prefix when they shouldn't.

-Various code optimizations.

-Resprites for Jungle, Temple Teleporter potions, Discord potion, Nature Blessing, Calamity and Thorium combinations, Lifeform Analyzer locator (configurable).

Made by thyreo and GoldYosh.


-Ported to 1.4.4 tModLoader.

-Currently, supports Calamity mod.

-Added Biome Sight potion to Brewer's shop.

TODO: Implement proper Thorium and MoR support to all shops.


-Added config options for removing non-vanilla potions and items from mod (thanks to NoLongerLucky) (currently not working).

-Now Red's Potion can be bought from Alchemist if world seed is "for the worthy" and world state is hardmode.

-Readded World Warper/Modified World Warper. Available in Operator's shop upon entering hardmode/after beating Moon Lord.

-Readded Simulation Control Unit. Available in Operator's shop upon entering hardmode.

-Fixed Alchemist Charms not giving bonus duration to potions in piggy bank (thanks to benl9).


-Removed even more "removed" potions.

-Returned some more stuff from Thorium to shops.

-Fixed Thorium Combination breaking access to others.

-Fixed Thorium mod references from breaking some stuff.

-Now Life Crystals and Life Fruits can be bought from Jeweler while Skeletron/Golem is defeated (were available in MP only before).

-Moved Flask of Crumbling to Flasks shop.


-Fixed excessive damage reduction bonus of Battle Combination (thanks to Inactive).


-Added Mod of Redemption support (thanks to Rockman Zeta).

-Reimplemented Thorium mod support (thanks to b2mauler).

-Removed "removed" potions from Calamity Combination.

-Removed Boom Box as now Music Boxes can work even from vanity accessory slots.

-Removed additional tooltips on Treasure Bags as now they are properly named.

-Fixed some buffs and combinations which were not working (f.e. Lifeforce, modded crit bonuses, Ninja pot).


-Fixed flasks breaking piggy bank potions using if placed before buff potions.

-Fixed Explorer's combination recipe.

-Added Mod Configuration options for Silt, Slush and Desert Fossil blocks prices.


-Fixed an issue with Alchemist Charm of 2+ tier was not using potions from piggy bank

-Fixed shops having empty spaces if mod item doesn't exist

-Increased some of the shop prices for balance

-Added a new buff item, Ultima Cake. Can be bought from the Jeweler after entering hardmode in Arena Shop.

-Added Pocket Mirror to Tinkerer's 1st shop (available in hardmode).


-Add Deerclop's bag to Operator

-Reimplement Calamity for 1.4

-Adjust Calamity boss bag prices

-Added Diving Helmet to Tinkerer.

-Update recipe creation


-Updated to current 1.4-stable.


-Initial update to 1.4-preview

-Update IEntitySources

-Use new SetNPCNameList system

-Added NPCs affections (may be raw, but any suggestions are appreciated).


-Update to tmodloader Alpha 1.4 67ec6fd5

-Added Slice of Cake to Jeweler's shop (after beating EoW/BoC)


-Disable shop changing delay when autopause is on and allow 0 delay for disabling with autopause off

-Fix UI scale not being 100% drawing the lifeform analyzer arrow in the wrong place

-Add Tinkerer to Census integration

-(1.3) Rebalance endgame Calamity bag price

-(1.4) Update to tModLoader v0.12 Alpha 02024925

-(1.4) Add Bast Statue to Jeweler's Arena shop

-(1.4) Temporarily add Luck Potions to Alchemist (will be relocated eventually)

-(1.4) Add hocruxes back to Jeweler


-Fix with shops and multiplayer


-Backport updates (For 1.3 Version)

-Add Calamity 1.5 treasure bags and music boxes


-Update to tModLoader v0.12 ec7a4927


-Improve locator arrow code


-Updated locator to 1.4

-Added configurable delay before shop changing is allowed


-Make items researchable in Journey Mode


-Fixed Duke Fishron bag in Operator shop condition


-Fixed multiplayer client freeze bug.

-Fixed Alchemist Charm tier 4 missing a tooltip.


-Fixed SaveWorldData issue.


Big thanks to b2mauler for porting Lite version to alpha 1.4.

-Updated to tModloader 0.12.

-Added Queen Slime and Empress of Light's bags in Operator's vanilla bags shop.

-Fixed issue with excessive prices scaling of Tinkerer and potions sellers in multiplayer.


-Added Old Duke's bag in Operator's modded bags shop.

-Added Sulphurskin Potion to Brewer's shop.

-Fixed Calamity mod's Rage and Adrenaline related mechanics.

-Fixed Chandeliers prices.

-Some code polishing.

-Changed price of Marble and Granite blocks.

Earlier changes can be found in mod's discord.

tModLoader said:Developed By Gregg/VVV101, b2mauler, Rockman Zeta, somebody0214, RebooT, drh

'absoluteAquarian Utilities' mod card

absoluteAquarian Utilities

The common library for absoluteAquarian's various mods.

The DLL, PDB and XML files for this mod can be found at:

Many features are included in this mod, including but not limited to:

- IL/On edit helpers

- A faster alternative to System.Reflection

- Type extensions

- UI element types

- Easy tooltip modification

- Tile scanning information

- ILoot helpers

- and more!

tModLoader said:Developed By absoluteAquarian

'Fargo's Mutant Mod' mod card

Fargo's Mutant Mod

This is a Quality of life mod that adds the Mutant town NPC who sells boss summons of nearly every mod

There are several other items such as infinite ammos, craftable instant builds for common world infrastructure like skybridges, obsidian underworld bridges, hellevators, unlimited potions, increased spawn rates toggle item, and more!

Fargo Discord:

Fargo Wiki:


Added new Stat Slider configs for:

Enemy health

Boss health

Enemy damage

Boss damage

Boss multipliers only apply to bosses, or with another config, every enemy when bosses are alive.

Sliders go between 1-10x.

New recipes:

-Life Crystal

-Finch Staff

-Suspicious Looking Chest

Squire's Shield and Apprentice's Scarf bag recipes moved from Ogre to Dark Mage

Removed Finch Staff crate recipe

Removed Jungle Chest item recipe

Jungle Chest item now drops from Jungle Creepers, Giant Tortoises, Angry Trappers and Moss Hornets at a 2% chance and from Moths at a 10% chance, in Hardmode

Cultist skips most of his spawn animation when spawned manually

Super Dummy health changed to 1 million

Resprited Prismatic Primrose

Fixed Super Dummies not spawning in multiplayer

Fixed Squirrel blood moon glow offset

Fixed Princess loveNPC dialogue for the mod's npcs

Increased Extractinator Speed now works with Chlorophyte Extractinator

NEW UPDATE - v3.2.2

-Updated wiki links to lead to the brand new dedicated wiki at

-Added new Deviantt help dialogue for the new Eternity Mode changes for Cacti and lightning

-Lumberjack has a 33% chance to drop a Lumberjack Hat (previously unobtainable)

-Nerfed Calming Cry: Now upgrades through progression

-Changed default Stat Sheet key to RightShift

-Tattered Bee Wings banner recipe now uses Moss Hornet banner instead of Hornet banner

-Removed Lumberjack "Wanna see me work without my shirt on? Maybe in 2030." quote

-Internally cleaned up and improved localization

-Resprited Weather Balloon

-Fixed issue where Arms Dealer dropped Nano Bullets instead of Cyborg

-Fixed incorrect shop condition description for Amalgamated Skull

-Fixed Lumberjack not dropping hell critters

-Stat Sheet no longer displays "yes" wing time with Soaring Insignia when Calamity is enabled, since it removes its infinite flight

-Fixed AddDevianttHelpDialogue modcall to allow mods calling to provide localization path for the added text string

tModLoader said:Developed By Fargowilta and Terry N. Muse

'Calamity's Vanities' mod card

Calamity's Vanities

Calamity's Vanities is a mod which aims to add more vanity items/pets to the Calamity mod.

The mod does not require Calamity to run.

Note: This mod is not an official addon to Calamity, rather just a fun fan made mod.

Currently adds the following:

Over 90 cute pets! Including some with their own unique gimmicks!

Several Mounts

6 Hooks

A handful of wings

A plethora of placeable decorations including four furniture sets

Some new critters to be found across your world

A large amount of vanity clothing, hats, and accessories

Sprite Credits: Kawaggy, Poddy, Blockaroz, William, YuH, Yharex87, TimerFun, caligulasAquarium, Krysmun, IbanPlay, Willowmaine, Enreden, Gamagamer64, L0st, Cooper, RyanLolz1, Vectix, Mochi, Leon, NnickykunN, Dorira, VinniSauce, Tobias, Mathew, Ramen Guy, Criss, Nitro, YeH, F-3R, Sok, Triangle, Drædon Gaming, Rocketlauncher269, PokerFace, ImitableBeetle6, and MrPlague

Music Credits: Heart Plus Up! and apotofkoolaid

Code Credits: Potato Person, Kawaggy, nalyddd, Hypera, Phupperbat, Seraph, Stevie, Dominic Karma, IbanPlay, Willowmaine, Drædon Gaming

tModLoader said:Developed By YuH, originally owned by Hypera